Adolf Lorenz
1854 - 1946
  Adolf and Albert Lorenz Memorial
1010 Vienna, Rathausstrasse 21
Hofr.Dr. Adolf Lorenz 1854-1946
Orthopädische Chirurgie Skolioseschlingen
Welcome to the Adolf Lorenz Society's website, whose objective is to conserve and maintain Prof. Dr. Adolf Lorenz' surgery rooms as an original museum and memorial place.

Privy councillor Prof. Dr. Adolf Lorenz, founder of the German Society of Orthopaedics, lived, worked and researched in Vienna. The surgery where he examined and treated patients from all over the world at the turn of the 20th Century has been kept in its original state. This is due to a rare stroke of luck that his oldest son Albert Lorenz, also an orthopaedist, retained the rooms as they were and his widow Helga Lorenz then placed the surgery to the Society's disposal.

In 1993 the Adolf Lorenz Society had a relief designed by the sculptor Prof. Rudolf Friedl mounted next to the portal of Rathausstrasse 21 in memory of Adolf and Albert Lorenz, which was financed by donations.

In 1997 the commemorative publication
"Adolf Lorenz 1854-1946, Stages of a long-lived personality"
was written by Dr. Norbert Steingress.

Since then many foreign visitors have visited the museum and memorial. Meetings have been held there and tours have also been made. The resources have been added to by a wide selection of books, which were placed at the Society's disposal by Prof. Dr. Lorenz Böhler and which include all the relevant German and English works from 1889.

In 2009 the 10th EFORT - Orthopaedic Congress is being held in the Austria Centre in Vienna from 3rd - 6th June. For this very important deadline for orthopaedic science, the Adolf-Lorenz-Society aims to make the Lorenz memorial in the Rathausstrasse 21 tasteful for the congress participants with a virtual tour and to then greet them personally in the Lorenz Memorial during the Congress.

We have to thank the supporting members for the conservation of the Adolf Lorenz memorial and most of all Dr. Norbert Steingress, who is the initiator and adviser of the Adolf and Albert Lorenz Memorial.

o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Rainer KOTZ
Chairman of the Adolf-Lorenz-Society (1992 - 2009)
Hofr.Dr. Adolf LORENZ Orthopädische Chirurgie
Adolf and Albert Lorenz Memorial
1010 Vienna, Rathausstrasse 21
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