Adolf Lorenz
1854 - 1946
  Adolf and Albert Lorenz Memorial
1010 Vienna, Rathausstrasse 21
Hofr.Dr. Adolf Lorenz 1854-1946
Orthopädische Chirurgie Skolioseschlingen

The Adolf and Albert Lorenz memorial can be seen as the cradle of the history of Austrian orthopaedics and should therefore be seen as a meeting place for interested parties, the like-minded, as well as a place of study. As the old Lorenz library not only has Adolf Lorenz's own works with handwritten corrections, but also manuscripts and rare examples of specialised literature in German, English and French, it should also be open to visitors.

Apart from well known standard publications a great many separates by well known national and foreign orthopaedist are kept there. Among these there are many with a personal dedication to Lorenz father and son.

Apart from the exhibition room to the right of the entrance there is a reading room for the new library in what used to be the former plastering room, where well known standard works and specialised orthopaedic publications are displayed.
Hofr.Dr. Adolf LORENZ Orthopädische Chirurgie
Adolf and Albert Lorenz Memorial
1010 Vienna, Rathausstrasse 21
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